Case Studies

Before Our Visit

Before each property visit we encourage our residential and commercial managing agent and property manager clients to complete a property document checklist process. This document allows our residential and commercial managing agent and property manager clients to present their management documentation in advance, e.g. the name of the contractor and the date of the last five yearly fixed electrical check, emergency lighting test, six monthly passenger lift inspection etc.

The property document checklist adds key details to the management information process for each building. It helps make the reports more robust.

Report Process

We produce our risk assessment reports within 3 working days of our property visit. This process ensures a timely report and accurate feedback. The risk assessment reports are emailed in a WORD and PDF format. The WORD version allows our residential and commercial managing agent and property manager clients to record their remedial actions in the areas provided.

Our reports are accompanied by a block risk assessment summary sheet in an Excel format. This document gives you a “quick reference” single sheet for each property. We compile these “quick reference” single sheets into a portfolio risk assessment summary report which provides useful, dynamic management information. We use this information as part of our annual meeting presentations.

Each Fire Risk Assessment report and Combined Fire, Health & Safety Risk Assessment report include a Sample Fire Evacuation Plan.

Annual Meeting

We complete annual meetings with each of our residential and commercial managing agent clients to complete the following:

  • Review of recent fire, health & safety legislation
  • Update on current issues, e.g. Grenfell Tower Inquiry, Hackitt Review
  • Summary of main fire, health & safety hazards identified from their properties
  • Goals for the next 6-12 months

The annual meeting gives each client the opportunity to review their fire, health & safety hazards effecting their property portfolio. We can answer specific questions and help find solutions.

These annual meetings will be agreed in advance with a set agenda and meeting minutes produced.

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