CDM Adviser to Clients

Client Profile

The Client is a key stakeholder in the construction project. They have significant duties, under the auspices of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 and this responsibility lasts for the duration of the project. It is imperative Clients understand their duties under Regulations 4-6 and Regulation 7 (domestic) and receive good quality advice from the outset of the project.

Client Needs Analysis

We work closely with Clients to ensure that their duties are met. Clients we serve include private domestic clients, developers, schools, councils, healthcare centres and retail outlets. We work with the Client to ensure the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor chosen for the project have the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to complete their duties. We assist the Client in their duty to monitor the performance of the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor throughout the project.

Key benefits of using DP Maree Limited

We are experienced health & safety consultants, with a particular specialism in construction health & safety. We offer a wide range of specialist support with a strong emphasis on providing practical solutions and risk control strategies:

  • You have peace of mind knowing that we are trusted by other Clients.
  • We have over twenty years experience in delivering construction health & safety solutions.
  • We contribute to an increasing acceptance and awareness of construction health & safety across the design and project team, resulting in cultural change.
  • Same-day response to issues identified during the design, planning and construction process.
  • Standardised Pre-construction Information across all projects to ensure all designers and contractors have good quality information.
  • Review the Health & Safety File before handover at the end of the project.


We have over twenty years experience in working with construction related Clients. We offer Clients the following services:

– CDM Adviser to Client
– Manage the Pre-construction Information process
– Attend design team meetings
– Review the skills, knowledge and experience of the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor
– Review the Health & Safety File at the end of the project
– Develop Fire Safety Strategies

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