CDM Adviser to Principal Designers

Client Profile

The Principal Designer must plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase and coordinate matters relating to health and safety during the pre-construction phase to ensure that, so far is reasonably practicable, the project is carried out without risks to health or safety. The Principal Designer must take into account the general principles of prevention and, where relevant, the content of the Construction Phase Plan and Health and Safety File. Principal Designers could be the architects, engineers or contractor.

Client Needs Analysis

We work with Principal Designers to ensure they have the best possible construction health & safety advice when they most need it. Our services can vary from getting involved during the design and planning stage to ensure good quality Pre-construction Information, review the Design Risk Management process and manage the Health & Safety File.  Our clients rely on us to ensure we have the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to support them and their projects.

Key benefits of using DP Maree Limited

We are experienced construction health & safety / CDM consultants, with a particular specialism in supporting architectural and design practices. We offer a wide range of specialist support with a strong emphasis on providing practical solutions and risk control strategies:

  • You have peace of mind knowing we are trusted by other leading architectural and design practices.
  • We have over twenty years of experience in delivering health and safety solutions so you can benefit from our skills, knowledge and experience.
  • An increasing acceptance and awareness of CDM Regulations 2015, resulting in cultural change.
  • Reduction in the issuing of enforcement notices following inspections from the Health & Safety Executive.
  • Same day response to issues identified during the pre-construction phase.
  • Standardised reporting process.
  • A more streamlined and practical approach to document production and lines of communication.
  • Efficiency benefits from dealing with consultants who can multi-task during the design process, e.g. complete Design Risk Assessment reviews, setting up the Health & Safety File etc.


We can train Principal Designers on their new role. This training can count towards continuous professional development points. The training can assist with establishing Practice processes and procedures. Appointing us early in a project helps ensure a streamlined process which ensures the Principal Designers is working towards developing the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience.

Further assistance can be offered by completing and / or reviewing the core documentation on behalf of the Principal Designer, e.g. Pre-construction Information, Design Risk Management, Construction Phase Plan and Health & Safety File.

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